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"Photography & Videography Service That You Won't Find Anywhere Else"

Photography and Videography Work at Your Service!

It is tough to find good service these days, especially finding someone to shoot and edit your projects. Well, have no fear! I am here to help you out. Hello, my name is Angel Ortiz and I run a freelance photography, videography and video editing service serving New Jersey and New York. I have a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts from Caldwell College with a strong background in video editing and camera work. 

So, what exactly do I do? Well, anything that you need to shoot, film, edit and more! My work ranges from shooting photography, shooting video and video editing anything you desire. Are you an aspiring actor that needs an audition video to submit? I'm your guy! Want your kids recital shows you recorded to have that extra spark? No problem! Need a photographer to do your head shots or model shots? I'll be there with my DSLR camera! I'll take photos for any of your big events too!

So, if you need a project to get done, don't hesitate! You can reach me on the "Contact" tab above. The service rates are in the "Rates" tab above as well for both photo and video services. Make sure to check out the "Photo Gallery" and "Video" tabs to see samples of my work.

Your Camera Operator and Video Editor at Your Service

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