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Are you in the entertainment business and need to get a resume reel out there? No problem! I can make you a simple resume reel that will get your employer's attention. Here's an example of a resume reel I made for myself. 

If you are an actor/actress and need a sizzle reel done, then it can be done just like this. This is my good friend Brooke Hoover's reel who approved of this reel and uses it to apply for acting jobs. 

This is my Canadian Vacation. I decided to film and edit the whole thing. You too can have your family vacation videos edited! 

I shoot and edit sports games too! This is from a hand full of sports games I edited back when I had an internship in the Sports Department at Caldwell College in Caldwell, NJ 

A recital-type show I edited for the summer time. Your kids recitals can be edited just like this! 

I did some work for Speak on It Comics (, shooting and editing their events. These events are discussions on some of the more popular trade paperback comic books. The video on the bottom left is on Image's "Saga" and the video on the bottom right is base on Marvel's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" trade paperback.  

If you are hosting a book club meeting or a comic book club meeting like this and need someone to shoot and edit a video for it, then I'll be able to do it in this style or any style you want!

Here's a Shakespeare in the park performance of Cymbeline performed by the Hudson Shakespeare Company at Van Vorst Park in Jersey City. This is just one scene, but it's a great scene!  

I recently shot and edited a submission video for the Jersey City Brand Ambassador Team for Jersey City. The video help me get hired for the job! If you need to shoot a submission video and have it edit, then it can be done simply in this style: 

Fan-made videos or fan-made music videos are a lot of fun to edit. Here's one I edited of my favorite internet sketch groups, Mega64